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Palmeraie de Tiout

60€‎ /person

Palmeraie de Tiout ( 35 min from Taroudant )  If you don’t have a lot of time than visit the oases of Tiout with 1000 ha and more than 20.000 palms of the charming authentic Berber village of Tiout , it…

Horse-drawn carriage

30€‎ /person

Horse-drawn carriage Unforgettable Taroudant Discover Taroudant in a real 4-seat horse drawn carriage.We recommend this luxurious tour also for less sportive people. Relax and your carriage will give you this royal feeling.The view from a carriage is impressive and a…

Bike Tour

25€‎ /person

Bike Tour Unforgettable Taroudant  Discover Taroudant with a sportive experience by bike, this will give you a great impression of the city walls who are 8 km in length , further more you will visit the 2 real souks where…


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