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Why Taroudant

Why Taroudant

Taroudant, is located in the south of Morocco, 80 kilometers from Agadir in the heart of the Souss plain, surrounded by the High Atlas and the Anti Atlas.

Taroudant is the first capital of the Saadians in the 16th century. Its ramparts are particularly impressive, stretching over more than 7 km, they have nearly 130 towers and 10 entrance gates (vaulted in the shape of a Moorish door), sometimes very old, which provide access to the medina.

Renovated regularly for 5 years, the ramparts have regained all their nobility of yesteryear and reveal their magnificent ocher color every day at sunset.

Taroudant renowned for its crafts, wood, leather, wrought iron, painted wood, ceramics and its Berber silver jewelry; it attracts many tourists from all over the world who appreciate the softness, the art of living and Berber hospitality.

The origin of the Berber name Taroudant is enigmatic: some legends associate it with a Syrian princess who had settled in the region and who bore the name of “Queen Roudana”, others explain it with the Berber phrase ” Taroua ddante” which means “The children were carried away (by the water)” shouted by a Berber woman who was doing her laundry by the river, when the floods took away her children!

Taroudant can be visited by horse-drawn carriage, the caléchiers are adorable guides, they know their city by heart, and will show you secret corners (maze of alleys, hidden palaces, etc.).

The city can also be explored on foot by getting lost in the medina, strolling through the 2 souks, the Berber and that of the Artisans, sipping a tea on the Assarag square or refreshing yourself with an orange juice on the Talmaklate Square.


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